Weird fish shape….Pla Kea or Sisoridae

Pla Kea or Sisoridae is a family of catfishes.Pla Kea are mostly forms inhabit freshwater, mountain streams and originate from southern Asia.Most of these fish have four pairs of barbels and a large adipose fin. Eating small fishes, worm and insect. Have 5 cm- 2 meter in length.

This is Pla Kea or Sisoridae

fishing on thailand ปลาแค้

This is Pla Keawhoa or Bagarius bagarius

fishing on thailand.แค้วัว

This is Pla Keayak or Bagarius yarrelli

fishing on thailand แค้ยักษ์

Have four pairs of barbels

fishing on thailand ปากปลาแค้


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