The Tools for fishing The Giant Snakehead in Thailand.

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The right tools can help you in your the giant snakehead or Chado fishing trip.The basics regarding rods, reels, line, hooks, weights, bobbers, sinkers, lures, sensor and other tools (hats, vests, nets, scents, scissor etc.), gives you an appreciation for having the right tools for the task at hand.

What I do offer are more suggestions on which tools will stack the odds in your favor and help you enjoy preparing, rigging, baiting/hooking, retrieving and landing your next big one!,Ensuring that is does not join the droves of the ones that got away.

Spinning or Bait casting with artificial lures, fly-fishing, trolling with live-baits, are all options available to you, with specialist tools on hand to assist you make the most of it. Typically a 5.5 – 7 feet rod ( Spinning or Bait Casting), with a matching reel with 6 – 10 pound line, fast taper, single action reel would serve you well. Weed- less hooks are a lifesaver in very dense cover or weeds.

fishing on thailand-Daiwa Zillion 100 SHSA

Good quality tackle is important-it need to be adequate for whatever nature throws your way. You will need to build your arsenal of knowledge and tools over time, to respond best to some of the challengs at hand. Good appropriate baits and lures and how to use them effectively, in combination, in quick succession to ensure bites, are other key components, as is importance of preparing, presenting well, accurate casting, hooking ( sharpening the hooks and turning them up slightly for example to ensure that the fish stay on your hook as you reel them in ), as well as retreiving and landing of the fish.

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All I will say, is that having expensive or the right tools , is not a quarantee that you will land the next big one!. In fishing, there are no real guarantees.This is a contract and activity between you and nature, practice and persistence are the roads to follow to becoming well-versed and experiences the giant snakehead or Chado fishing.


fazrul arhan said...

Sorry if i'm asking a stupid question..
Can we eat this fish? Look so big and from what i know and heard before that a big fish is less tasty. So if this is not for eat,is it we can use it for other things like..medicine?

Wrist man said...

...we can eat this fish my friend. yes, you right that the big fish not delicious hahaha.sometime we release them back to the river.

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