Go to fishing Macrognathus siamensis

Macrognathus siamensis or Peacock Eel or know as Thai languages is Pla Load.It have slender shape,body flat,long sharp beak filed and have color gray.A length of 12-15 cm.can up to 25 cm.

Pla Load like living the ground and embedded in the sand during the day and propensity nocturnal.Eating insect larvae,worm,small animal and rotten meat scraps.

Let’s to fishing trips to fishing Pla Load…..

Find…looking for the worm….where is the worm

fishing on thailand.เหยื่อปลาหลด

fishing on thailand.เหยื่อปลาหลด 1

Use bamboo fishing rod as traditional Thai fishing.

fishing on thailand.ปลาหลด.1

fishing on thailand.ปลากด 3

fishing on thailand.ปลาหลด4

fishing on thailand.เหยื่อปลาหลด5

fishing on thailand.ปลาหลด.9

fishing on thailand.เหยื่อปลาหลด7

Use as Food….Tom Yum Pla Load, Pla Load fried.

Very very delicious…….

fishing on thailand.ปลาหลด.8

fishing on thailand.ปลาหลด


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