How to Cuttlefish Fishing.

The Saltwater fishing using Cuttlefish is fishing bait or for The beginner fishing to practice to be saltwater fishing. We must to Cuttlefish fishing at the moon light. Types of bait as using Cuttlefish fishing such as :
1. Yo-thaka is the most popular becaus It is easier to find and cheaper.

fishing on thailand bait1

2. Yo-kung ,There are several sizes too.

fishing on thailand bait2

3. Glitter bait and have a hole created bubbles.

fishing on thailand bait3

fishing on thailand bait9

4. Yo-zuri very expensive and great works.

fishing on thailand bait4

5. Yo-khan impale mackerel on a steel rod.

fishing on thailand bait5

This picture is how to cast a bait.

fishing on thailand bait7

fishing on thailand bait8

when the cuttlefish hook , don't Jerk rod fishing. shall to lift fishing rod and rotate reel slowly. you will get it.


fazrul arhan said...

You are so knowledgeable!!
My father know this too,he used to play in the sea during his childtime..and love fishing cuttlefish too:)

Wrist man said...

Thanks for your admiration. I love fishing cuttlefish as your father too.
It is very yummy. hahaha

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