Pla Yisok or Jullien’s Golden carp. The big fish of Freshwater

The Jullien’s Golden Carp,or Pla Yisok in Thai languages.It is a large,attaining 150 cm in length and 70 kg in weight,and resides primarily in the main stems of major rivers,such as the Mekong or Chao Phaya in Thailand.

In areas where the Pla Yisok live often to see it hit the water in the morning.The shade under the bridge or wooden trap in the water as a source of fish that live well.It is a deep water fish and live under the groun gravel,eating small plants,plankton and mos.Can observe the living of it by observing air bubbles.The bubbles are large and there is only 2-3 sponge.

fishing on thailand.ปลายี่สก

fishing on thailand.ปลายี่สก1

fishing on thailand.ปลายี่สก2


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