The Asian Redtail Catfish or Pla Kod Khang

The Asian redtail catfish or Pla KodKhang is a species of catfish of the family Bagridae.These catfish look like The Bagridae or Pla Kod in Thailand.But tail and other fins are bright red or orange color and body are light gray with blue or green olives color.Originate from the Meakong river or Thailland river systems.These catfish like nocturnal than daytime and eat a variety of fish foos.Sometime to be the most aggressive freshwater fish.

This fish is market fresh as a food fish and aquarium in Thailand because of It was a beautiful and rare fish.However, It is also a popular Fishing of Thailand.

fishing on thailand ปลาคัง

fishing on thailand ปลาคัง2


fazrul arhan said...

I wish that i was him whose holding the fish!
What a wonderful experience.
And as beautiful as it is,i feel its more suit with aquarium need,haha

Wrist man said...
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Wrist man said... will exciting and happy to holding it.

and..It more expensive for market fresh fish and aquarium too.

you will be a richman if you catch a lot.

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