Cuttlefish Fishing Trip at Phathong(Phuket )

Today is a holiday ,My friend invite me to cuttlefish fishing. So I agree. Today I have friends foreigners come to fishing too. His name is Moris.

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 5

fishing on thailand cuttlefish

fishing on thailand cuttlefish1

fishing on thailand cuttlefish2

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 3

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 4


fazrul arhan said...

I can see that you and Morris and your friend are really enjoy the day.
I love cuttlefish. Still remember my friends told me that he add a fresh cuttlefish on his instant noodles (maggie) while fishing on boat..hmmhh,delicious!

Wrist man said...

Thai fishermans are like eat fresh cuttlefish with seafood like Sashimi of Japenese Food. It very delicious.

fazrul arhan said...

Not only him that like to eat them,even me also,haha..its great when we can have a fresh one from sea and eat with a tastie sauce ☚ yummmyy:)
Thinking of boating with someone lovely and having all that stuff you got what i mean? haha

Wrist man said...

hahaha....yes, I see that you mean.


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