The Giant Gourami or Pla Rad

Pla Rad (Giant Gourami) goramy (Lacepede) is a freshwater fish.large in Thailand and The World,large fish weighing 6-7 kg over 65 cm long is a family of Fish and Kradi Salit. But bigger than most. The firm texture and sweet Very rarely have the good taste.

Body is flat and short fortress have a pair of fins under the belly.Thick lips.head small and obtuse.When growing up, especially in male fish have protruding convex up until more like rhino As they are called.Eat small animals are worm ,tadpole rice bran, cooked food waste,larvae of water and hyacinth leaf.

The Giant Gourami have 4 species such as :

1.Pla Rad Dham or Osphronemus gouramy

Native fish in Thailand.colorless but tasty meat.


2.Pla Rad Dhang or Giant Red Tail Gourami

Originated in Malaysia and Indonesia.have small body more than other species and have a beautiful colors but more expensive.



3.Pla Rad Khow or Osphronemus exodon

habitats in the Mekong River and have fangs protrude from the mouth different from common giant gourami fish.This fish is rare and expensive

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4.Pla Rad Kwoa or Osphronemus goramy Albino,Silvery

Have white pink and there are two varieties: Black Eye and Rea Eye.



Beth said...

I have always wanted to try different types of fish besides just what we are offered in the United States. When I mentioned to my friends and family about my wonderment of how some fish in my fishtank would taste, they thought it was funny. Although, at $25-$50 a fish here it better taste good!

Wrist man said...

umm....Have you ever seen Thailand.some fish a fishy odor, texture loose must to spice Tom Yum. Thai people like to burn this fish because it very good taste. Do you know Tom Yum as Thai foods.?
oh..$25-$50 more expensive to me to pay. we will pay $5-$8 only for them in Thailand because there have many fishs. we will pay more expensive for import fish such as salmon.

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