Pla Khoa or The Serranidae Big size at Fishing in Thailand

This Holiday and trip we goes to Chan Thaburi. The Chan Thaburi is Province East of Thailand. My target of this trip is Pla Khoa or Serranidae fish, It’s my lovely fish. Pla Khoa all the darters are carnivores. Although only a few species feed on zooplankton, food for most fish and crustaceans. They are typically ambush predators, hiding in the cover on the reef and darting out to capture passing prey. Bright colors are more likely a form of disruptive camouflage, similar to the stripes of a tiger.See this pic. Do you want to cath it? so I like to fishing it. It’s a delicious meal.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.14

fishing on thailand plaKhoa.9
We are arrive Chan Thaburi at 09:30 am.after we had breakfast, we hurry go to Leam Sigha Bridge as the meeting poin with my friend. everybody so tired but our mind to fight.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.10

when met everyone. we going to pond fish immediately. the fishing park have many fisher, but I don’t care because I want to fishing Pla Khoa only..

fishing on thailand plaKhoa.12
And..Then my wish is true, Big size Pla Khoa ..awesome I can fishing it.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.3
fishing on thailand plaKhoa
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.1
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.2
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.4
Nobody don’t failing in this fishing trip, everybody can fishing many fishs.and this is my dinner. yummy….
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.15
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.16
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.17

Fishing The Giant Featherback…as Pla Grai in Thailand.

The Giant Featherback is freshwater fishes and have slender, elongated, bodies, giving them a knife-like appearance. The caudal fin is small and fused with the anal fin, which runs most of the length of the body. Where present, the dorsal fin is small and narrow, giving rise to the common name of "featherback". The fish swims by holding its body rigid and rippling the anal fin to propel itself forward or backwards.

Often live in areas stump under the water or aquatic plants is quite dense. Have about the average length 70-90 cm. weight average 12 Kg. con find in the rivers of Thailand. Like to eat small fish, Prawn.The Giant Featherbacks are popular for fishing in Thailand and can use as many food such as fried fish-paste balls, fermented Chitala ornata.


hook on the top water


Fighting and Strong.












Cuttlefish Fishing Trip at Phathong(Phuket )

Today is a holiday ,My friend invite me to cuttlefish fishing. So I agree. Today I have friends foreigners come to fishing too. His name is Moris.

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 5

fishing on thailand cuttlefish

fishing on thailand cuttlefish1

fishing on thailand cuttlefish2

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 3

fishing on thailand cuttlefish 4

How to Cuttlefish Fishing.

The Saltwater fishing using Cuttlefish is fishing bait or for The beginner fishing to practice to be saltwater fishing. We must to Cuttlefish fishing at the moon light. Types of bait as using Cuttlefish fishing such as :
1. Yo-thaka is the most popular becaus It is easier to find and cheaper.

fishing on thailand bait1

2. Yo-kung ,There are several sizes too.

fishing on thailand bait2

3. Glitter bait and have a hole created bubbles.

fishing on thailand bait3

fishing on thailand bait9

4. Yo-zuri very expensive and great works.

fishing on thailand bait4

5. Yo-khan impale mackerel on a steel rod.

fishing on thailand bait5

This picture is how to cast a bait.

fishing on thailand bait7

fishing on thailand bait8

when the cuttlefish hook , don't Jerk rod fishing. shall to lift fishing rod and rotate reel slowly. you will get it.

How to make Crank Bait

Thai fisihing like to build crank bait for themself because crank bait more expensive in Thailand. And challenge of individual skill that to use catch fish. This is The Art of Fishing.

At the beginning choose wood.This is Mok or San dal wood.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait

Cut to be pieces.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait1

Slice into pieces thick size 2 inches

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait2

Drawing to the wood. up to your imagination.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait3

Slice into pieces again.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait4

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait5

Polish …Oh be careful with your fingers and hands.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait6

be this model

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait8

Sculpture and decorated.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait9

Insert wire

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait10

Finally…Paint and decoration.

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait11

fishing on thailand how to make crank bait12