Fishing Trip at Srinakarin Dam

Srinakarin Dam built on the Kwai Yai River in The Ban Chao Nen Village,Sri Sawat District,Kanchanaburi Province.The dam of stone filling clay core of the largest in Thailand The foundation is 140 meters high 610 meters long Dam reservoir area 15 meters 419 square kilometers. Density is the number one is 17,745 million cubic meters. Power plant building is reinforced concrete. Installation of five generators machine machine manufacturer is 1-3 per 120,000 kilowatt machine 4-5 is pumping systems to generator capacity of 180,000 kilowatts per machine and total capacity of 720,000 kilowatts.

Srinakarin has many attractions such as waterfalls,lakes,caves and has many activities to do,you can camping,fishing ,cave exploration,etc.This has many fish that you fishing such as Pla Chado,Pla Krasoob,Red tail Mystus etc.

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Srinakarin Dam Perspective.

fishing on thailand.เขื่อนศรี

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Pla Krosoob big size..!!!

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Pla Chado….Hero this trips..Super big

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Sunset at Srinakarin Dam

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