Fishing in Thailand and The Giant Snakehead Fishes Conservation.

Mostly the fisherman in Thailand love to catch the giant snakehead and they unreflecting that the big fish have children or not. If you catch the parent fish that mean you kill the child fish. Because the baby fish can not help themselves at all, it would be a victim for other predator fish.
Therefore, it is the cause of the decline of the giant snakehead fish populations.
Therefore, Fishing in Thailand is aware of this problem.We search the orphan giant snakehead fish. So that it will be good take care in the tank and release them into the river whenthey grow.

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Fishing The Giant Snakehead fish picture by Fishing in Thailand.

Many people might like to know that we go fishing this type for nothing. In my attitude,I think about fishing is- fisherman and angle.The fisherman is fishing for food and the angle is fishing for a game, excitement, overcome and release the fish back to the river not for food or business.I will show you.Lets go follow on my pic.
This is the angles picture-start from knowing the basics is like the lifeblood of your strategy, improving your ability to catch the giant snakehead fish.

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And Then this is the fisherman for food or business.

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The Tools for fishing The Giant Snakehead in Thailand.

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The right tools can help you in your the giant snakehead or Chado fishing trip.The basics regarding rods, reels, line, hooks, weights, bobbers, sinkers, lures, sensor and other tools (hats, vests, nets, scents, scissor etc.), gives you an appreciation for having the right tools for the task at hand.

What I do offer are more suggestions on which tools will stack the odds in your favor and help you enjoy preparing, rigging, baiting/hooking, retrieving and landing your next big one!,Ensuring that is does not join the droves of the ones that got away.

Spinning or Bait casting with artificial lures, fly-fishing, trolling with live-baits, are all options available to you, with specialist tools on hand to assist you make the most of it. Typically a 5.5 – 7 feet rod ( Spinning or Bait Casting), with a matching reel with 6 – 10 pound line, fast taper, single action reel would serve you well. Weed- less hooks are a lifesaver in very dense cover or weeds.

fishing on thailand-Daiwa Zillion 100 SHSA

Good quality tackle is important-it need to be adequate for whatever nature throws your way. You will need to build your arsenal of knowledge and tools over time, to respond best to some of the challengs at hand. Good appropriate baits and lures and how to use them effectively, in combination, in quick succession to ensure bites, are other key components, as is importance of preparing, presenting well, accurate casting, hooking ( sharpening the hooks and turning them up slightly for example to ensure that the fish stay on your hook as you reel them in ), as well as retreiving and landing of the fish.

fishing on thailand.เขี่อนศรี13.

All I will say, is that having expensive or the right tools , is not a quarantee that you will land the next big one!. In fishing, there are no real guarantees.This is a contract and activity between you and nature, practice and persistence are the roads to follow to becoming well-versed and experiences the giant snakehead or Chado fishing.

The Basics of the Giant Snakehead fishing

The basic method-understanding the fish(life-cycles,feeding),habits and position on the food-chain,their nature.Become an observant,student of the giant snakehead habits,whether using trolling,artificial and or live bait,fly fishing,deep and shallow waters.If you can capitalize on understanding it better, you will increase your chances of successful hooks/bites. 1

Familiarity with the Giant Snakehead’ favorite places to hang around is critical to success: Bottoms, stumps, trees , logs, weeds and plants, contours, structures, travel-routes, creeks, shallows/deeper passages, coves, channels, bluffs, banks and
shorelines – all can be repetitive clues on habitual, predictable
behavior of the giant snakehead.
Another key trick, is actually NO TRICK AT ALL – we call it an
“acquired skill”. It takes more of that hard work we mentioned
before! Exact, fixed casting, requires target-precision practice,
improving your ability to place the lure exactly where you
would want it to be – let us call it ‘hitting the mark’. This is
another crucial tactic and technique you can practice in the
park or your living room – try using plugs and get better every
time at consistently hitting your ‘target’ (and nothing else we

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The Giant Snakehead fishing and video in Thailand

The Giant Snakehead or Pla Chado (predator-hunter itself) as toughminded,
unpredictable, with a strong survival instinct, great awareness, sensing/sensors, that make them the keen and effective hunters they are. as one of the “extremes” of the gaming fish populations and every angler’sdream catch!
Their food of choice/feed and natural diet includes small fish,
crustaceans, worms and insects – some anglers have also had
great success with live-bait, like eels and even frogs.
Live baits are best, but these fish can be tempted, teased and lured to strike
with artificial ones such as spinners, spoons, crank-baits, surface
plugs and plastic worms – more on this a little later. Knowing
which to choose (and WHY), use, switch to in certain conditions,
and how to optimize this art of allure, is a key basic element for
every aspiring or great angler alike.

Trolling Reels

The Trolling rods and reels are pieces of specialized equipment ,designed specifically for this purpose tactical technique, used for almost all species of fishs. Learn the differences in various designs and characteristics trolling rods and reels. Trolling is a tactic to target suspended fish in deep water and troll can mean different things to different anglers.
Fishermen troll for everything from crappies, bass and walleye to trout, salmon and saltwater species such as tuna huge sailfish and marlin.
Line counter Reels.

fishing in thailand line counter reels.

Line Counter Reels have been developed to allow you to play carefully trollers models and eliminate the guesswork. The main division between the different trolling reels is adding a line counter, but other factors are also important. Within the group of line counter reels designs measurement line and recompense for the downward spiral of a spool’s diameter, which affects the measurement. Most counters line number of books manual of revolutionize made by the spool. calibration to compensate for variations in spool diameter, the line is paid via the test line of 12 pounds as a standard.

Electric Line Counters.

Electric line counter are more sophisticated and offer comfort to calibrate the exact size of the line you are using, but the planning process has a steep learning curve. The settings can be very tedious to implement, with small buttons to push individually or in combination. Even if they are inherently more accurate, with electronic meters also have the additional burden of ensuring that the batteries are replaced and there is always the possibility of LCD screen with sensitive electronics exposed to the elements. If you catch a fish with line counter set to 96, five consecutive stages, and if you're really leaving only 95 feet of line? I would say it is not likely to take another step. However, if you're a lover of accuracy and not mind fiddling with a little programming, go for the electric counter.

Line Capacity.

line capacity is mainly a problem when fishing for a species that has the ability to strip a reel, which is essentially a problem of salt water; However, if you're fishing freshwater deep seriously and must pay a large number of line, you may find yourself short of space to work with a small spool queue. Here are some questions to consider.

1. What species are target?
    -  A 12 pounds walleye and 12 pounds marker produce dramatically different struggles.

2. What lures you intend on using, and at what depth?
    -  Lures have a diving depth and the size of their lips and the speed is lagging behind. The lure you choose determines the amount of the line has to go to reach a required depth.

3. Are you going to use monofilament, braided line or lead core?
     -  Braided lines have a smaller diameter and therefore create less drag in the water, led to a recall more with less line. Beyond the advantage of having a harder line with a smaller diameter, braid will allow you to load lengths of monofilament line that the traditional weight same test. baselines are simply driving a core of lead or other heavy metals which is surrounded by a braided screen. This makes the basic guidelines for a larger diameter than the monofilament test and even book a spool over are required to maintain the capacity of the line.


How to buy Spinning reels fishing.

fishing in thailand spinning reelsSTL4000FD-
Most Spinning reels are a popular of both serious and amateur fisherman, favorite for both their convenience of use and resiliency.This type of reel is designed to mounted under the rod,and thought for light line and live bait.The major factors in selecting a spinning reel can be depending on environment, price, construction and personal preference.

The Part of Spinning reels.

fishing on thailand spinning reels
  1. Pick up or bail
  2. Reel seat
  3. Reel foot
  4. Handle
  5. Support arm
  6. Anti-reverse lever
  7. Skirted spool
  8. Fishing line
  9. Drag adjustment knob

construction is important aspect of reels selection, most strong reels use all-metal components, and high-end reels use sophisticated alloys that provide strength to light weight metals. Reel bodies can be made up of graphite, aluminum, and plastic components.Aluminum housing bodies will be stronger than graphite, however graphite will be significantly lighter.Plastic or graphite components that just won't hold up to the strain of battling bigger fish such as catfish. if the focus of your fishing is heavy duty or punishing aluminum should be the eventual winner. If your chosen playing field is made up of saltwater, graphite is the way to go due to its corrosion-resistant qualities.

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Ball Bearings.

Ball bearing are simply a mechanism that releases the line and envelopes around a spool spinning reel. Most spinning reels also contain a roller bearing inside the line roller. Choose a reel with the most ball bearings that your wallet can pay.I would suggest a reel with at least four ball bearings. There's nothing worse than having a reel that doesn't perform well, or isn't smooth on the retrieve.
fishing in thailand spinning reels

Speed and Power.

The gear ratio of a reel will fix how fast you will be able to retrieve line, and how much casting power you have. Gear ratio can be send out, depending on target species as well. Reels with a ratio of 5.5:1 to 6.3:1 are fast retrieve reels. If you need more casting power, choose a reel with a lower ratio, like 4.1:1. The numbers are easy to understand. The first number poin out how many times the spool will turn for every casting of the reel's handle. So, the spool of a reel with a 6.3:1 ratio will turn around 6.3 times for every turn of the reel's handle.

Drag adjustment knob.

Have two major type part of drags in spinning reels, front and rear adjustment. With only a few different, front drags adjustment are more effective for really big fish. The increased effectiveness of front adjusted drags has a lot to do with the way the drag is tightened but mostly it's the size of the drag surface. The main advantage of a rear adjustable drag is that they are easier to tweak while you're in the middle of a tussle with a big fish, or when using light lines in an ultra-light situation. look for a drag that is smooth to adjust, and is tight enough to stay where it's adjusted.

Line Capacity.

spinning reels can handle the weight of 2 kilos line proof, and can launch decoys very light, with the rod correctly. Larger models, designed for large species of saltwater and freshwater that can handle the heavy line. All reel spools have an line capacity indication, which will help you decide which reel to select. Trying to use a reel with small diameter lines on a larger reel spool can lead to more serious problems with tangles inside the reel, and put thick line on a reel designed for the line of light can cause problems due to the rigidity and very low ability. Match of the line with the capacity of rod and reel ability with the target species. line of least weight generally better lure performance and to casting distance. For freshwater ultralight fishing is limited to the test line with a pound lower, combined with light action rods, small reel. the spinning tackle, it would be limited to line widths below 4 pounds test. For saltwater fishing, lines of proof under 10 pounds can be regarded as ultra-light. Rods used in these weight categories, tend to have a more flexible and soften the line, corresponding reels are lower for a better balance with the size and weight rod.

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Crankbaits : Tips & Tricks.Part 2

fishing on thailand.เหยื่อกระสูบ 1

Structure bouncing

When the fish are hanging on to the bottom and structure,using a crankbait that runs a little deeper than the depth of fishing that you will bounce back against the rocky and ridges.Not only does this add sound to a crankbait made, but also boost the bottom mud, which mimics the appearance of a crawfish or other low-tightening meal escape attempt.



Although it may seem strange,fix a race as a small floating same Rapala Minnow Floating activities at the end of a platform Carolina can precipitate attacks of lethargy fish when baitfish want instead of a range of flexible plastic. Caroline install a crankbait is also ideal as a research technique points more open, drops and ledges during the cooler months of the year.

fishing on thailand crankbait

Floating vs. suspending crankbaits

The selection between floating / diving cranks and suspension designs have much more to do with the presentation to be used for anything else. Neutral floating crank bait can stop at any time during recovery and sit in front of the nose of a fish to strike when they want a slower presentation. Floating crank up quickly, which reduces them to a fish as a result, creating reaction strikes. This fast, action also save a point on the structure and remove the catches in a trailer.

fishing on thailand crankbait.2

Matching the rod with the casting.

When the casting cranksbait , many people tend to detach the lure from the fish on the Hookset. This is particularly true with bass lines and extension braids.To avoid haulage the crankbait away from a fish, choose a moderate action rod or one that is specially designed for cranking, optical fiber bundles, such as Cabela's E-Glass Series add the right amount of flex and forgiveness set the hook firmly without tearing the lure free.

fishing on thailand crankbait.1

crankbait tuning sets.

If a crankbait is not in harmony,not deliver the good deed or be able to reach its maximum running depth. To check and ensure that the crankbait runs true statement of 10-15 meters from the line and bait to draw the side of your boat or along a straight line on the shore. If the lure is trying to run left or right, it must be adjusted. To set a crankbait, the front to attract towards you and slightly bend the appeal before the eyes the way the lure is followed. Continue to control and adjust the lure until it works perfectly straight. For crank to work with the application was designed for, To be connected to a node Duncan loop or use an attachment, like a Duolock snap or clip speed  or a division ring. The use of clips also allows rapid changes in the preferences of the fish bait quickly.

Crankbaits= Tips & tricks.Part 1

How to use Crankbaits.

Even though easy to casting a crankbait out forward and reeling it back can catch fishs.However, you still have search for innovate the method to suitable what a fish want and increase your capability. I have several tips from my experience that will surely give you have skillful when the fish are fastidious.

fishing on thailandblogspot.crankbait tip.2 


when you casting and follow the working crankbait,but fish not attack.Simple to solveing,just stopping the reel action for a second time and then staring it again.This method can stimulate those fish into hook.Tips & tricks,try to keep as slack out of the line as possible and observe the line,carefully to detect assault or charge from fish when the crankbait is at rest.because most fish like to attack while the bait stop motion. Do not forget, For this method you must to observe tip action or the fishing line.

fishing on thailandblogspot.crankbait tip.

Ripping Cranks.

Mostly used for jerkbaits, The ripping can be done with any crank.Just reel the bait into suitable the depth that you want and being pulling it in with charge motion.Reel in the slack in between retrieves, constantly watching the line for any sign that fish has taken the lure.
To be continue next post…….

Repair My Favorite Bait.

fishing on thailand เหยื่อปลา
I have various fishing bait such as lure,topwater lure,spoon,jerk bait. I will repair them when them was damaged from fish attack because we are Learning and fighting together or it is a my favorite Bait.
I can't remember my fist bait of my fishing experience because I have more the bait.
but I remained when my mother complain about a lot of cost that I pay for its.
Um...Lady and Gentlemen. Today, I and my friends proud to presents, How to repair your bait and resurrect them to catch fish forever.
The frist, you should to preparation equipment such as driller,pliers,urethane,nail,Nail polish colors and glue. As shown in the step-by-step picture.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.17

This’s my weapon to catch fish. They have many strain and damage.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.18

This bait tongue damage.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.19

Use nailscrew drill to ream it then use small driller screw but don’t through chin.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.20

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.26
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.21
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.23

Then you can see the hole. and then cut nail which same size the hole.The cuting,you should cut header and sharp.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.27
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.2

Then, glue at the nail and insert into the hole of bait.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.6

Polish and close strain drill. and Paint.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.8

You can use Nail polish colors.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.10

Immersed in Urethane for Varnish.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.11
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.12

Complete. Beautiful look like a new bait.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.13
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.14
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.15

Go to testing…Go to fishing!!!

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.28
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.29

My Heros in this fishing trip. Recently completed. wow

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.32

Awesome, It still great, oh…my love bait.

fishing on thailand how to repair bait.30
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.31

But…But in this case, I can’t to repair it. I’m sorry.

fishing on thailand for bighook1
fishing on thailand how to repair bait.