How to catch prawn on Thailand.


Catch giant freshwater prawn in Thailand.

   how to catch prawn in Thailand         
        Today, we lead you ‘How to catch giant freshwater prawn on Thailand?’ first, we describe the place where we go. Our location is Bang Pakong River, which is The main river in Prachinburi and Chachoengsao, There are approximately 230 kilometers and flows into the Gulf of Thailand. Since there are two types of salt water and fresh water as a result, there are many kinds of fish such as marine, brackish water fish, and fresh water fish.Thai fisherman like prawn fishing on boat. Because they have access to the habitat of the shrimp as well.
        Bait for catch prawn are worms, small shrimp, fish, and chicken heart. Prawn do not like sunlight during the day, it will hide in the deep and sheltered him such as the home base of the pole or a tree stump in the water. Shrimp fishing is a simple method, the line should not exceed 8 pounds and the hook for shrimp fishing. Notice that the water flow or stagnant water. We must change lead by the flow of water. If stagnant water, we use big lead when the prawn take the bait; we can’t to notice. Rod should be light action when we lowered the bait to the ground, noticed rod tip will jerk a little or bend down when shrimp eat the bait. When the shrimp on the hook, don’t set the hook; just rotate the reel’s handle to retrieve and catch it. How to hook the bait

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Giant Snakehead fishing in Thailand.


Fishing Trip for Chado or Giant Snakehead fish.

Fishing Trip for Chado or Giant Snakehead fish.
            According to a notice on the previous fishing snakehead or chado, This is what we had promised with you. Normally we tend to go fishing at a reservoir. Because it has a beautiful environment and an abundance of fish species. First I must tell you that I am not an expert on fishing snakehead but It is only those who love fishing snakehead with crankbaits or plug. So my technique to fishing with crankbaits or plug is mimics the behavior of animals, like small fish comes down the riverbank.

          The nature of the snakehead fish in a quiet time, it will float to the surface, breath and wait for prey along the riverbank. Observing the target, I noticed that the fish surfaced to breathe when I saw the fish's mouth on the surface. It is the time to bait casting near target that fish breathe. Crankbaits or plug that fisherman well known it is inevitable that a specific brand RAPALA; Original Floating, and the gradual sinking slowly Countdown. Or even, Poppers are a style of topwater fishing bait such as small insects, small frogs or even a small injured fish. Poppers are very popular for Thai Fishing.

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Fishing Trip for Chado or Giant Snakehead fish.7

         Where the waiting ambush of predator fish, most often it is a place where they can shelter themselves from the victim. The grasses in the water, the lotus leaf, rock and cranny of rock, trees, flotsam, wreckage falling trees, the stumps in the water, according to the pot, bridges, along river banks and water erosion, tucked deep into the dark area. When we met that target or location, or where do you think will be a shade of fish predators.

        Bait casting the popper and let it do its duty. By casting the poppers to a point above or close to the target and to thrust the rod into a little rhythm, you'll see that the poppers moves freely like a dead fish. Let the popper is such a moment. If no reaction, hit in the area and neighborhood again. Do this about 5-6 times if it does not result in any change to the new location.

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         The techniques discussed above is mimics the behavior to hit the prey of predatory fish. There is also another type of behavior that is close to the Original Floating, but how we will use the bait ‘Countdown’. Bait of this kind will gradually sinking slowly which are appropriate for certain types of fish predators that eat small fish as bait in injury or death, but will be in the semi-floating semi-submerged.

       These techniques are based on experience and practice of observing of fisherman. Some places, species of fish, the size of the fish may have to use different techniques. If you practice often, you become an expert in the future. The end to fishing for snakehead or chado.