Bagrid catfishes or Pla Kod

Today,Fishing in Thailand proposal Bagrid Catfishes as know in Thailand is Pla Kod.The maximum length is about 1.5 metres (4.9 ft).and It have four pairs of well-developed barbels covered by a layer of taste bud-enriched epithelium.The body is completely naked (they have no scales).Lateral color yellow is the origin of the name.

The Pla Kod like living the ground is a stone basin,or water flow.found in depth 2-40 m.It find favorite food over the upstream dam or reservoir Convergent flow along the backwater,or the of fresh water meets the salt water(the estuary) and have shrimp,crab,shell are quite complete.and the bagrid catfish are often favorite nocturnal more than daytime.The Fisher man often catch as many Pla Kod in the area. However,The Pla Kod or Bagrid Catfishes can thrive and live in diverse environments.

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