Fishing in Thailand and The Giant Snakehead Fishes Conservation.

Mostly the fisherman in Thailand love to catch the giant snakehead and they unreflecting that the big fish have children or not. If you catch the parent fish that mean you kill the child fish. Because the baby fish can not help themselves at all, it would be a victim for other predator fish.
Therefore, it is the cause of the decline of the giant snakehead fish populations.
Therefore, Fishing in Thailand is aware of this problem.We search the orphan giant snakehead fish. So that it will be good take care in the tank and release them into the river whenthey grow.

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I am very pleased that you understand how bad it is to keep parents when they are brooding their fry, very few Thai people are smart enough to understand this.

The biggest problem is when one person has a good trip they tell everyone on the fishing webboards and for the next 2 weeks there are many boats on that lake. Then they take all the parents and all the fry die, then they move to the next lake and do the same.

At the same time many people talk about how there are less Snakehead than last year and the year before and wonder why ?

Being a good fishermen means more than catching a lot of fish, it means looking after fish and caring for them so they will be around next year and the year after, so you can take your son fishing.

People have only been sport fishing in Thailand for around 10 years, in the last 5 years it has become popular and in just 5 years they have destroyed many good fishing places.

Whilst you are telling people about issue this please also tell them to pick up their rubbish as well, Thailand is a beautiful country and many of the best places to go have rubbish lying around because of lazy Thai people.

Wrist man said...

Hi here
I appreciate your comments, We can not deny the problems that you mentioned. In fact, There are several groups working for conservation.But there may be some people who have ignored and not to see the importance of nature. Not because of the Thai people lazy. but Thai people like elsewhere in Southeast Asia still can not see the importance of nature.Because the integrity of nature make They wont and neglect to be conservative.
For us, We think it takes many time to cultivate people to appreciate the environment.And it's useless to be announced. Therefore, we should start a group of us before expect others to do so.And we hope soon that the others will see the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection. said...


I have thought long and hard about this, a part of the problem for me is that lure fishing is a rich man's sport.

To own a boat and minn kota and braided lines and lures ( on and on ) is not cheap. Lure fishing is a lot like golf, poor people don't play golf and poor people don't go lure fishing.

Sometimes you will see someone catching Jungle Perch on a spoon with old gear from the bank but most of the boats I see in new pick up's are owned by middle class to rich Thai's

This group of people should know better by 2011, these are supposedly educated people aware of what is happening in the World not poor rural farmers.

That's why I feel its laziness and not a case of not understanding what they are doing, these people don't need the keep fish to eat to survive.

I wish you good luck with your teaching people the importance of conservation, what it needs to be successful in my opinion is the support of the owners of the big Thai webboards - there needs to a policy of promoting catch and release actively on the boards, banners and ad's etc, and telling people every time they see mature parents what they are doing - not once but every time they post dead fish

Tell them if they want to eat snakehead take the 1 - 2 kg fish not the breeding parents.

I am studying Thai but my Thai is too poor to try to do this.

I believe that if the message is not out there in 2 - 3 years there will be no more public lakes where you can go fish for Giant Snake Head they will all be gone and it happened in just 5 years.

Wrist man said...

I respect your opinion and Thanks for your wished.
In fact, The poor man tend to eat the fish that they caught and they tend to catch only small fish. While the rich man not to eat but like to show off.
I understand your concerns about to extinction for Giant Snake Head, The same happens with Siamese giant carp or Mekong Giant Catfish. Now, Thai forums are very active to conservative and campaign about to be a good lure fishing or angle, not funny to kill!
Finally, I still hope that in the next 10 years will have Giant Snake Head fish for us.

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