Snakehead Fish—Popula on Fishing in Thailand

Popula Fishing in Thailand is Snakehead.It is know in Thai language as Pla Chon.This fish is very popula in Thai cuisine where it is prepared in variety of ways, especially barbecued,being a common food item offered by street vendors.

It is a hunter fish eating small fish or frog and insects.The most intelligent fish,it can escape from hook in many attitude,jump on water open mouth shake it’s head to release hook after hooked by angler.Not easy to catch the baits,carefully when it feel something wrong it gone.Can find it on lagoon,canal in’s look like Pla Chado too.

fishing on thailand.pla chon1

fishing on thailand.pla chon 2

fishing on thailand.pla chon 6

fishing on thailand.pla chon 7

fishing on thailand.pla chon 8


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