Back to the Traditional Thai fishing

In the past ,Thai people fishing with bamboo fishing rod.How to make it easy,at first is seeking a flexible bamboo and suitable size.and then hook and line will be less than 2 pounds and no longer than the length of the fishing rod.and not use reels.

fishing on thailand.bamboo 2 fishing on thailand.bamboo 1

The Thai Fishing methods are similar to the fly fishing but the thai fishing will use live baits because easy to find .you can find many worms and insects from the riverbank .and then the fishing is not very far about 2-5 meters so caught only small fish.However,we did not expect the big fish from this fishing.we take it as food,not to take statistics.

fishing on thailand.bamboo6 fishing on thailand.bamboo7

fishing on thailand.bamboo8 fishing on thailand.bamboo9

fishing on thailand.bamboo 3 fishing on thailand.bamboo10

fishing on thailand.bamboo4 fishing on thailand.bamboo5


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fishing for food not for fun to kill

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