Pla Khoa or The Serranidae Big size at Fishing in Thailand

This Holiday and trip we goes to Chan Thaburi. The Chan Thaburi is Province East of Thailand. My target of this trip is Pla Khoa or Serranidae fish, It’s my lovely fish. Pla Khoa all the darters are carnivores. Although only a few species feed on zooplankton, food for most fish and crustaceans. They are typically ambush predators, hiding in the cover on the reef and darting out to capture passing prey. Bright colors are more likely a form of disruptive camouflage, similar to the stripes of a tiger.See this pic. Do you want to cath it? so I like to fishing it. It’s a delicious meal.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.14

fishing on thailand plaKhoa.9
We are arrive Chan Thaburi at 09:30 am.after we had breakfast, we hurry go to Leam Sigha Bridge as the meeting poin with my friend. everybody so tired but our mind to fight.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.10

when met everyone. we going to pond fish immediately. the fishing park have many fisher, but I don’t care because I want to fishing Pla Khoa only..

fishing on thailand plaKhoa.12
And..Then my wish is true, Big size Pla Khoa ..awesome I can fishing it.
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.3
fishing on thailand plaKhoa
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.1
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.2
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.4
Nobody don’t failing in this fishing trip, everybody can fishing many fishs.and this is my dinner. yummy….
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.15
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.16
fishing on thailand plaKhoa.17


fazrul arhan said...

You have a great and wonderful life my friend.
It's not all people so lucky to have a great experience like what you had in your life.
Cant imagine how tasty and delicious Pla Khoa..looking at your food plate..yummy!!

Wrist man said...

hahaha.....hi..My friend.

I just a man who loved fishing.not a magic or different from others man. If the fishing were a girl, I would married with her. hahaha
As same you my friend. you have a life style as my dream but I can't to do. because I'm don't enough to Patience and practice.

fazrul arhan said...

I wish the fishes would turn to be a girls so you can married them all Wrist man. So you will not tr to become an artist and i still can make,haha.
Kidding friend.

Wrist man said...

If I were an artist , I would to drawing your figure,my friend.
um, If you wish were true, I should have many son.because my wife is beauty girl,hahaha

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