Crankbaits= Tips & tricks.Part 1

How to use Crankbaits.

Even though easy to casting a crankbait out forward and reeling it back can catch fishs.However, you still have search for innovate the method to suitable what a fish want and increase your capability. I have several tips from my experience that will surely give you have skillful when the fish are fastidious.

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when you casting and follow the working crankbait,but fish not attack.Simple to solveing,just stopping the reel action for a second time and then staring it again.This method can stimulate those fish into hook.Tips & tricks,try to keep as slack out of the line as possible and observe the line,carefully to detect assault or charge from fish when the crankbait is at rest.because most fish like to attack while the bait stop motion. Do not forget, For this method you must to observe tip action or the fishing line.

fishing on thailandblogspot.crankbait tip.

Ripping Cranks.

Mostly used for jerkbaits, The ripping can be done with any crank.Just reel the bait into suitable the depth that you want and being pulling it in with charge motion.Reel in the slack in between retrieves, constantly watching the line for any sign that fish has taken the lure.
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