How to buy Spinning reels fishing.

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Most Spinning reels are a popular of both serious and amateur fisherman, favorite for both their convenience of use and resiliency.This type of reel is designed to mounted under the rod,and thought for light line and live bait.The major factors in selecting a spinning reel can be depending on environment, price, construction and personal preference.

The Part of Spinning reels.

fishing on thailand spinning reels
  1. Pick up or bail
  2. Reel seat
  3. Reel foot
  4. Handle
  5. Support arm
  6. Anti-reverse lever
  7. Skirted spool
  8. Fishing line
  9. Drag adjustment knob

construction is important aspect of reels selection, most strong reels use all-metal components, and high-end reels use sophisticated alloys that provide strength to light weight metals. Reel bodies can be made up of graphite, aluminum, and plastic components.Aluminum housing bodies will be stronger than graphite, however graphite will be significantly lighter.Plastic or graphite components that just won't hold up to the strain of battling bigger fish such as catfish. if the focus of your fishing is heavy duty or punishing aluminum should be the eventual winner. If your chosen playing field is made up of saltwater, graphite is the way to go due to its corrosion-resistant qualities.

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Ball Bearings.

Ball bearing are simply a mechanism that releases the line and envelopes around a spool spinning reel. Most spinning reels also contain a roller bearing inside the line roller. Choose a reel with the most ball bearings that your wallet can pay.I would suggest a reel with at least four ball bearings. There's nothing worse than having a reel that doesn't perform well, or isn't smooth on the retrieve.
fishing in thailand spinning reels

Speed and Power.

The gear ratio of a reel will fix how fast you will be able to retrieve line, and how much casting power you have. Gear ratio can be send out, depending on target species as well. Reels with a ratio of 5.5:1 to 6.3:1 are fast retrieve reels. If you need more casting power, choose a reel with a lower ratio, like 4.1:1. The numbers are easy to understand. The first number poin out how many times the spool will turn for every casting of the reel's handle. So, the spool of a reel with a 6.3:1 ratio will turn around 6.3 times for every turn of the reel's handle.

Drag adjustment knob.

Have two major type part of drags in spinning reels, front and rear adjustment. With only a few different, front drags adjustment are more effective for really big fish. The increased effectiveness of front adjusted drags has a lot to do with the way the drag is tightened but mostly it's the size of the drag surface. The main advantage of a rear adjustable drag is that they are easier to tweak while you're in the middle of a tussle with a big fish, or when using light lines in an ultra-light situation. look for a drag that is smooth to adjust, and is tight enough to stay where it's adjusted.

Line Capacity.

spinning reels can handle the weight of 2 kilos line proof, and can launch decoys very light, with the rod correctly. Larger models, designed for large species of saltwater and freshwater that can handle the heavy line. All reel spools have an line capacity indication, which will help you decide which reel to select. Trying to use a reel with small diameter lines on a larger reel spool can lead to more serious problems with tangles inside the reel, and put thick line on a reel designed for the line of light can cause problems due to the rigidity and very low ability. Match of the line with the capacity of rod and reel ability with the target species. line of least weight generally better lure performance and to casting distance. For freshwater ultralight fishing is limited to the test line with a pound lower, combined with light action rods, small reel. the spinning tackle, it would be limited to line widths below 4 pounds test. For saltwater fishing, lines of proof under 10 pounds can be regarded as ultra-light. Rods used in these weight categories, tend to have a more flexible and soften the line, corresponding reels are lower for a better balance with the size and weight rod.

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