The Giant Snakehead fishing and video in Thailand

The Giant Snakehead or Pla Chado (predator-hunter itself) as toughminded,
unpredictable, with a strong survival instinct, great awareness, sensing/sensors, that make them the keen and effective hunters they are. as one of the “extremes” of the gaming fish populations and every angler’sdream catch!
Their food of choice/feed and natural diet includes small fish,
crustaceans, worms and insects – some anglers have also had
great success with live-bait, like eels and even frogs.
Live baits are best, but these fish can be tempted, teased and lured to strike
with artificial ones such as spinners, spoons, crank-baits, surface
plugs and plastic worms – more on this a little later. Knowing
which to choose (and WHY), use, switch to in certain conditions,
and how to optimize this art of allure, is a key basic element for
every aspiring or great angler alike.


fazrul arhan said...

Cool..looks like easy to catch but i believe that it is not :)

Wrist man said...

yes,you right, look likes to easy or very easy ha ha, not easy but not difficult too if you likes to catch.

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