Hampala barb Fishing at Lum-Chae Dam in Thailand.


Hampala barb or Pla Kra-Sob Fishing at Lum-Chae Dam in Thailand.

Hampala barb fishing in thailand

Information of Lum-chae dam.
The Lum-chae dam was at Khok-Krachai locality, Kornburi district in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.  An irrigation dam built to prevent Lum-chae river in 2537. The lake above the dam, the water content of not less than 275 million cubic meters.Land in Dong Phaya Yen - Khao Yai. Conservation-oriented forest ecosystems. With an abundance of natural resources, forests and wildlife biodiversity. It has beautiful natural scenery. It has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the fifth of Thailand.Lum-chae canel was a branch of the Lam-Nam-Moon river.

LumChae Dam  LumChae Dam fishing in Thailand

Krasob-Khid fish(in English: Hampala barb, Tranverse-bar barb) a type of freshwater fish in Thailand. The scientific name Hampala macrolepidota. In the carp family (Cyprinidae) is shaped like a Krasob-Jud(H. dispar) fish but The lateral cross bar just below the dorsal fin down to the stomach. Krasob-Khid fish limit is larger than the Krasob-Jud, which is the same family can be up to 30 cm or 70 cm, a large full size.

Krasob-Khid or Hampala barb fish is carnivorous fish that classified as a type of fish predators, often catch small fish such as fishlarvae and aquatic insects on rivers and swamps. Krasob-Khid or Hampala barb fish is a popular fishing for both professional and amateur, using crank baits. Consuming raw or pickled fish and fish farming as well.

Hampala barb fishing in thailand.5

Hampala barb fishing in thailand.6

Hampala barb fishing in thailand.2

Hampala barb fishing in thailand.4


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