Intestine of tuna Vs Pla Chado( Giant Snakehead fishes)


Tuna’s intestine Bait for Pla Chado or Giant Snakehead Fish.

Intestine   Pla Chado Fishing in Thailand

The fresh morning and good location, It suitable for fishing. We heard legendary long time about Chado or Giant Snakehead fish and this place. It is a story about a giant Chado fish that living in this lake. No one can beat it, with only rumors of its size. It is time to jump over the water.It is a story that is true or lie, we do not know. We only know that, today we have a chance to prove this a rumor. In fact, we want to test a new type of bait. We just get it.

Many people say that it is a very effective bait. But You will have to be patient with the fishy smell of it. Yes it is intestine of tuna!! But today, we request additional or modified it by adding something. If you are very clean, You may shriek Or stay away from it. Come see what it is?

Intestine Pla Chado-rod Fishing in Thailand. 

First, we will take the time for provide fishing equipment ready. We provide more equipment. Because we are prepared to deal with unexpected situations. 2 months ago, we have lost fishing rod to the second one and our hands would have nothing to go home. It is unfortunate for us, but not today.

Intestine-Fishing in Thailand

This is 1 Gallon, The most important is that it must be fresh. Because the Pla Chado or Giant Snakehead fish like smell fishy and fresh. This is normal behavior of predators. but we have another gifts.

blood-Fishing in Thailand

chiken-Fishing in Thailand

Above the fresh chicken blood and mix with chicken. Do not wonder!! We are not shark fishing as we saw in the film documentary. And you did not misread the story, we really Chado fishing.

Intestine and Pla Chado Fishing in Thailand

Sow it, and stay a while, waiting for the Giant Snakehead fish or Pla Chade to eat a lot'. Then let’s to Action!!

Fishing in Thailand.Pla Chado

Fishing in Thailand.Pla Chado.2

Fishing in Thailand.Pla Chado.1

Pla Chado-Fishing in Thailand

GiantSnakehead-Fishing in Thailand

It was a big the Giant Snakehead fish, But it is not fish on the rumors. Because that fish is larger than my fish. For me, it is considered a big fish and we know that New bait have best results. We guarantee that next time we come here again.


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