Fishing Cuttlefish at Prachuap Khiri Khan in Thailand.


Cuttlefish fishing Trip at Prachuap Khiri Khan in Thailand.

Today we are fishing trip at Prachuap Khiri Khan which is the gateway to the South in Thailand. First, we suggest Prachuap Khiri Khan province.So you had known before. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province is a province of central Thailand. but have now located on the south of Thailand that has area adjacent to Chumphon Province; the south province in Thailand. Province with a long slender shape is filled with tourists, especially the sea. This province is known as a resort since the reign of King Rama V. Until today. Many coastal locations, it is also popular with tourists, not diminished.

Province divided into eight administrative districts, Prachuap Khiri Khan, HuaHin District, Pranburi District, Bang Saphan district, Bang Saphan Noi District, Thap Sakae District and Khao SamRoi Yod District. The tourists who visit Thailand are known HuaHin or Pranburi. But our trip not in two location. We aim to center of the province. We continue to ship as soon as we arrived.

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.01
And the following, we describe this fishing cuttlefish trip by pic.

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand
I am very excited and started fishing As soon as the boat sailing from the pier. In the end, I have a trophy that I kept waiting for so long.

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.03
King mackerel. That’s good.

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.04

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.05
Fishing at night, We do not let time pass to waste. Fishing at night with excitement over the day. I think the big fish are nocturnal.

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fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.07

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.08
Big night monster, Brown Spotted Grouper.

fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.09
The morning of the next day.Today is fishing cuttlefish that you always look forward for this trip.

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fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.11

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fishing cuttlefish in Thailand.18

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This trip ended with a big taste of the fried squid with chilled beer. In fact, we have a longer trip [2night,3 day]. The day to the competition fishing cuttlefish [Part is used as fishing bait at night]. Night, fishing is common. This sea at Prachuap Khiri Khan This sea is abundant with many kinds of fish to fishing. This trip is a good trip that is impressive.

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